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💰 How to structure syndication deals the right way (what goes on behind-the-scenes)

🧠 The top 2 limiting beliefs preventing you from launching your first syndication and how to overcome them

🎯 The Samuel Drive apartment building: a case study of one of our successful purchases with all the numbers to back it up

🥧 If you have these 2 skills you can do what we do too

✅ ...And much more!

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Troy Miller has been involved in the real estate industry his entire life and after joining the National Real Estate Investors Association in 2007, he focused on helping REIA leaders implement experiential learning approaches. Currently, he is the CEO of the Investment Community of the Rockies providing unique learning opportunities for investors.


Property Llama Capital

Chris Lopez went from zero network, zero knowledge, one property, and $10,000 in his bank account to having a portfolio of 9 properties and businesses that do $100M/year in sales in a few short years. He is a Colorado real estate investor, entrepreneur, and host of the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.

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